With Interior Designer Paige Hayes

Design, plan, order and furnish with CONFIDENCE, save time and money in costly mistakes, and learn my secret for doing all of it- even if you're 3,000 miles away from the property!



When it comes to what guests are looking for in a property, good design and everything it entails (upgrades, amenities, comfort, and story) wins.

Every. Single. Time.


If you want to create amazing and well thought out spaces, save money, and design a property remotely, you don't have to be a pro... you just need to learn from one! 


This self paced course will give you all of the skills you need to go from "winging it" to having designer level confidence and abilities in your property's function and space utilization.

Ever wondered how designers always get it right? 


Picture this.

You closed on your property. You ordered ALL of the things. It’s install day!
They bring in the sofa. It’s looking a little big.
They bring in the coffee table- oh no.
They bring in the accent chair- it literally does not fit.
How did this end up so different from what you had pictured and planned?
Now you’re stuck with the worst decision…
A. You can try to return what you’ve already purchased, go back to the drawing board and order new items- which you know is going to cost you a ton of time and money. OR…
B. You can just keep going and deal with what you have, which you know is less than ideal and doesn’t tick the boxes in terms of function or looks. You know it’s not going to appeal to potential guests, but you can’t afford to waste time and money on all new items.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. This happens to A LOT of people.

If you’ve ever wondered how designers get it right every time (or the best ones do anyway), it’s this:
We plan the space ahead of time, and we make furniture layouts!  We KNOW what will fit, and that is what we propose.
Making furniture layouts helps us tackle these things:
  1. Dialing in the function of each space and making sure the furniture that’s in the space optimizes the space use for the number of people your property will sleep
  2. Easily being able to “switch things out” on a computer screen, rather than at crunch time during install.
  3. Making sure we know *exactly* what sizes, quantities and furniture items need to be ordered, so that when install time comes, we know that everything will just fit right into place and look exactly like we were picturing.
If you're wondering if this will be too time consuming... The time it takes to make the layouts will be significantly less than the time that getting all of the wrong sized stuff costs you… not to mention the shipping costs and loss of income from delayed property launch!
If you're wondering if you can do this without any design background...
The answer is yes!  I've had successful students create amazing and well planned, high performing properties by using this method- who have ZERO prior experience with design!
If you're wondering if you can do this even if you don't live close to your property, or your client's property...
That's a hell yes!  Virtual design is what I do!  I've been doing it successfully for over two years now, and this is all part of my proprietary method for nailing the design every time- even from hundreds or thousands of miles away!

Is This Course For Me?

  • You're a host or an interior designer who wants to learn how to create beautiful and functional spaces and save time and money
  • You're tired of guessing what will fit, ordering everything, and being wrong.
  • You're a designer who wants to level up the services you offer your clients
  • You're NOT a designer, and you don't have the budget to hire a designer, so you're doing property design yourself.
  •  You want to save time and money in costly mistakes
  • You see the importance of learning and investing in your own abilities.
  • You are dedicated to making improvements and gaining knowledge that will serve you for success moving forward.  
  • You already feel comfortable with your eye for design and ability to choose furniture and decor, plan upgrades, determine story and style, but you just want some help with the planning part.


The Space Planning and Furniture Layouts Pro Bootcamp is a course that will teach you all of the trade rules for furniture placement, as well as in depth training on creating amazing furniture layouts. 


Katy S. in Ventura, CA

“Paige helped me with design consultation on my first STR project. Paige is truly a diamond in the rough, and I consider her a huge part of why I was successful the first time (now Super Host three months into launching my AirBnB). She explained everything from pillow count to decoding dimensions to stocking the kitchen. I now hear her in the back of my mind when I am considering a change or addition to my cabin, “It’s all about the details.” Most importantly, her attention to detail and ease with how she communicates is priceless. She is truly a professional, and I only wish this course existed six months ago!”

 Space Planning and Furniture Layouts Pro Bootcamp Topics include:

  • My secret method for getting property dimensions remotely 
  •  How to create a floorplan and take property dimensions manually/in person if you want to.
  • How to create a floor plan in my favorite online platform
  • Creating furniture layouts in that same platform- with detailed tutorials and training room by room
  • My "Quick Reference Furniture Guide" download- that includes tons of the trade rules on furniture sizes, clearance, rug sizing, etc.
  • Finding just the right sizes of furniture so that you can make a list, source and order with confidence, KNOWING that everything will fit when install day comes!
  •  BONUS content on doing easy 3d modeling so you can even determine art sizes, window treatments, and look at furniture heights WITH EASE!!!  (Yes, you can do this easily and I'll show you how!)

There are 5 main objectives to SPACE PLANNING AND FURNITURE LAYOUT PRO BOOTCAMP, and you will achieve them! Provided you follow the modules and course objectives, and put the time and effort into improving your skills!

  • Learn the importance of space planning and how it can save  you time and money.

  • Learn to get dimensions remotely or in person

  • Create floorplans and furniture layouts in my favorite free online platform

  • Learn how to plan a property, in detail, room by room, always keeping the function in mind.

  • Get the inside secrets on required clearances, rug sizing, window treatments, and everything you need to know to create a shopping list and purchase with confidence.

  • BONUS!!! Learn basic 3d modeling that will help you determine perfect art sizes, window treatments, height relationships, and visualization, even if you've never set foot in the property!  You can do it and I'll teach you!

Enroll Now and Learn to Plan Your Space Like a Pro!


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Top features

  • Lifetime access to the Space Planning and Furniture Layouts Pro Bootcamp
  • Quick Reference Furniture Guide Download
  • A library of videos that will walk you through every step.
  • A guarantee that the skills you learn from this course will pay for themselves TIME AND TIME AGAIN. 

"The segments are short, so it's easy to stay focused. It's been easy to use, and I'm excited to see what's next!" - Rachel Ware

About Paige Hayes

Hi, I'm Paige!  I am a story teller at heart, and because of this background I have learned the true value of a story and what it can do for a property and for a listing. I love helping people design their spaces to tell their own stories.

So here's mine:
I didn’t major in interior design in college- I actually majored in anthropology. But, I have over 10 years of active experience in all aspects of home design. Until about two years ago, I worked for the small Steamboat Springs CO-based design firm Home on the Range, where we completed projects of all kinds, in all kinds of places- from 15,000 square foot second homes to two bedroom condos, new construction and remodels, styles ranging from traditional to modern, rustic to coastal, transitional to eclectic, I’ve been there.

Two years ago, my family and I realized that we were ready for a change.
We are those people that don’t fit in to the “norm” of buying a house and settling down and working 9-5 forever. We love adventure, we love travel, and we wanted to show our kids the world.
So, when I started my own business, I did it with those specific goals in mind.  Now, we travel full time.
I wouldn't trade it for the world, but constant travel means I have had to come up with some REALLY good systems for my design business.

Now, I'm teaching those systems to other hosts and designers who want to learn to design properties for themselves!



Here are some of the things I have learned about this industry. 

  • Hosts want good design for their properties, but don't have easy resources available to help them
  • Many people understand the importance of design, but don't have the budget to hire a designer
  • A lot of investors plan on launching multiple STRs, and are interested in learning as much as possible themselves so that they can execute and then replicate their designs infinitely.
  • There are some very clear gaps in information- I see the same design mistakes over and over in peoples' listings
  • Most people think that low budget and low quality go hand in hand.
And so, I decided it was time to share my knowledge. It’s my goal and passion to teach hosts how to create scroll-stopping listings themselves. This course includes my many years of expertise, my tips and tricks, and ALL of my design knowledge so you can move forward with boosting your listings, reviews, and most importantly, your income. 
I have a lot of time making this course as intuitive as possible. And while it is intensive, I know you will end it with success. Some people say good design isn’t something that can be taught. But my specific design method is just built from a series of steps that create a final result, and therefore you can learn it!
Learn the pro secrets today

Mellitanya Stephenson

"Crossing paths with Paige was seriously one of the best things that happened to us on our STR furnishing process!! She is very patient, knowledgeable, and always gives us the most brilliant ideas! Her suggestions and ideas totally elevated our STR design. She was always available, quick to respond, and ready to answer any questions we had. She was also always looking out for our interests. It was a great pleasure working with her and she made our STR furnishing experience so smooth even when things were not. We highly recommend her as a resource to design your next properties. She will not steer you wrong! Thank you Paige for everything! I’m so glad our paths crossed and thank you for your friendship. You are a rock star! Much love from the Stephensons!"