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Hi, I'm Paige Hayes!


I am an Interior Designer and owner of Hayes & Co. design company. I have more than 10 years of experience in the interior design industry but recently decided to take a giant leap into full-time travel with my family. Moving all the time inspired me to create a design model that can be completed 100% remotely. In doing so I have created a space for homeowners that want the help of interior design, but it may be out of reach due to budget.

I found a niche working with Short Term Rentals because I discovered that there is so much more room for creativity. I am a storyteller at heart. And I can help you create and portray the story of your property - detailing comfort, enhanced amenities, and unique features that will help your STR property stand out among the competition. 

What I'm Covering:

The STR struggle.

The issues many STR owners are facing due to the current market saturation.

It’s not just about ‘making the purchase.

My #1 secret revealed to increasing your STR property bookings.

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Following my webinar, I’ll provide one of my surefire methods that you can immediately apply to your property. This quick tip will instantly make a difference in your bookings! 



Today, the STR market is booming. But it’s also saturated with like-minded owners, offering similar sizes, amenities, and pricing. 

And as competition increases, many property owners are seeing their STR income decrease. In order to boost your bookings, you need to make sure your listing stands out. My webinar provides my insight with 3 strategic steps you can follow to create a scroll-stopping listing that stands out among your competition. By following my steps, you will see an increase in your STR bookings…and your income!