The Number One Thing You Can Do to Increase Your Property's Success for Under $100!

Learn to create a scroll-stopping STR listing with beautiful photography using only your smartphone

With STR designer and Photographer Paige Hayes (of Hayes & Co. Interiors)


You can have a scroll-stopping listing for your Short Term Rental property using just the phone in your pocket! Follow Paige’s four modules for tips and tricks on how to create an IG-worthy listing that stands out among the competition.

STR Photography Shot on iPhone

Module 1: Welcome and Overview

We kick things off by talking about the difference between STR photography and real estate photography, what's important in STR photography and why, and how you can create the promise of an experience for your target guests through your photos.

Module 2: Getting your property photo ready and principals for shooting

Here we talk about getting your property ready, time of day, camera angles, light balance, phone settings, and shooting video for social media as well!  Everything you need to know about the science of getting the best shots.

Module 3: Photography by Room

Here you'll find a download with the complete shot list for your listing.  AND, you'll get specific videos by room on getting the space ready and setting up the shots!

Module 4: Editing and Final Looks

Editing is the key to great photography!  Learn to edit like a pro, using my simple 3 step method!


Hi! I’m Paige Hayes

I’m an Interior Designer and owner of Hayes & Co., a design company, and I have more than 10 years of experience working through the ins and outs of the design world. 

I have always loved doing STR design because there is so much more room for creativity, and I’m a storyteller at heart. I have found that while the STR market is booming, market saturation has also become a real thing. STR bookings are no longer a given. But there is a surefire remedy to increasing your bookings and setting your listing apart from the competition.

When it comes to what guests want in a property, good design and everything it entails wins. 
Every. Single. Time. 
And when a guest is scrolling through hundreds of similar properties, it’s the photos that stop them. 
The photos immediately portray comfort, elegance, or luxury.
The photos tell a story or a theme.
The photos shout to the guest, “This is the house for your getaway.”

A cozy, romantic, couple's getaway.
A huge house for a family reunion.
A property with a pool and a firepit for a girls’ weekend.
A home. A story.
And the scroll-stopping photos that make your property stand out above the rest…using just your iPhone!